who i am

Above all, in the way I see the world and live in it, I am an artist—someone with good eyes and good hands. Through thoughtfulness and hard work, I can alchemize even the most humble ingredients into something we'll all appreciate.

As an artist, I have found that I am capable and resourceful in many disciplines and situations. Additional titles of mine have included: graphic designer, web designer, librarian, teacher, painter, writer, mother, gardener, and interior designer.

what's important to me


It is important to me to live with compassion, integrity, and authenticity. Professionally, I put a great deal of energy into listening to clients and observing existing systems. Personally, I work hard to know, love, and improve myself so that I can extend candor and generosity to the people around me.


The integration of function and beauty—via efficiency, elegance, and care—is of the utmost importance to me. It is my desire to do work that is meaningful, beautiful, and useful to others, with hopefully no compromise on any point. When I can make something that's all those things and playful, even better!


It pains me to waste that which is precious: the wealth of our shared earth. This planet is our home and I feel it is imperative to treasure and care for it in such a way that all beings can thrive here.

While I'm no policy-maker or climate scientist, I carry this spirit into my work and throughout my life as a whole. One small step has been my commitment to mending instead of discarding, or at least mending before I dispense with anything.

what i'm doing now


I currently work as an independent contractor to the historic Pioneer Building in downtown Seattle. I help with general maintenance, which has kept me busy with a wide array of tasks. I am also the go-to graphic designer for Causey's Learning Center.

intrinsic work

I continue to elaborate on a body of visual works. These include ink drawings, mixed media paintings, and an innovative textile art that I'm developing. My portfolio features these recent works, as well as plush creatures, sculpture, photography, comic strips, poetry, and more!

looking forward

I'm currently accepting additional clients for new projects, the sorts of which can be found in my services section. As my son continues to grow and become more involved in his school, I'm pursuing further employment and possibly supplementary education.

about this website

As of March 2012, I just revamped my professional logo and identity, including the overhaul of this entire website in hand-written html! If you don't believe me, check out my oh-so-tidy stylesheet! Also, every single image on this site—from my portrait to the wallpaper—is an original work of mine.

I live in Seattle with my son, his two carnivorous plants, & several other (non-carnivorous) plants.