design worksheets for clients

Does your business or organization need a new logo and/or branding? These worksheets are designed to help you better understand your design needs. Being a better-prepared client can help save you some time and money!

I'm offering a discount on my design services for clients who complete both worksheets. They are best printed out and completed by hand. If you have any questions, shoot me a message via twitter or my contact form.

Logo & Branding Worksheet

This worksheet outlines some basic questions any designer will ask about your design project. Use it to describe your business or organization, identify similar entity's logo/branding strategies, and give an idea of your design budget and timeline.

Design Inspiration Worksheet

This worksheet is meant to be scribbled and pasted on! You can use it to pull together print and web inspiration. Get a head start on the design process by beginning to think visually about your business or organization.

Design Worksheets for Clients

This is a bundle of the two above worksheets into one file. You can print it double-sided to save paper!