artist statement


For me, the interplay of one color with another continues to be the single-most fascinating element of the visual world. I am also passionate about elegant, perfectly-nuanced rendering, using sometimes only a few strokes or shapes to succinctly and beautifully represent a subject from life. Exciting textures also engage me, and I am constantly experimenting and researching my environment for new ones.

I focus my work around these three authorities, with the ultimate intent of making pieces which are visually complex and yet also universally engaging and enchanting. My works are either saturate with recognizable symbols and caricatures—such as many of my ink drawings—or completely devoid of them, with little in-between.

The hyper-narrative works synthesize bits of everyday life and fantasy, science and mythology, in which any person can find both familiar and foreign pictures. I offer these drawings as portals into a non-linear visual symphony, which is every bit as playful and uplifting as it is brooding and sometimes disconcerting.

Works that are free of representation explore pure color, shape, line, without interference from cliché imagery. I also like to engage the viewer with undulating figure-ground relationships, with constant shifting as the eye moves across the picture plane. Many of these works do begin with a specific palette, feeling, or even a literal object in mind. I choose to encrypt these references in order to make images that are both new and appealing to all persons.

To learn more about my work in the applied arts, such as web or graphic design, please read my about section.