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I provide custom graphic design, fine art, and a multitude of creative services. My clients are mostly individuals, as well as small firms and organizations who enrich their communities.

what i'm good at

I work hard to preserve—and improve!—what is already working. This means that I will grow and evolve existing systems, rather than erasing or ignoring them. As a client, your transition from old to new will be dramatic but still respectful of where you've come from.

I'm able to understand complex concepts and put them into words and/or images that even the youngest audiences can grasp. I am able to get to the heart of the matter and help clients communicate more efficiently.

I'm also able to create visuals that are attractive, elegant, and iconic. Through fluency in visual language, sensitivity to trends, and spot-on color intuition, I have consistently delivered work to my clients that is as distinctive as it is timeless.

My eye for color is sharp, backed by both formal study of color theory and years of hands-on exploration in numerous formats. This means that as a client, you can trust my color choices in your logo, your website, or on your walls.

I excel at most things done by hand, such as drawing, sewing, or preparing fine foods. By virtue of my exceptional fine motor-skills and attention to detail, I'm consistently able to offer works that are truly beautifully made.

My high-touch approach generally results in very happy clients!

let's collaborate

Need a creative assist with your latest endeavor? I'm happy to skillfully contribute in many areas, be it anything from flavor profiles to typography, CSS to costume design.

Below is a list of just some of the services I offer. If any of these interest you, please don't hesitate to contact me and share some details about your project. Also, if you haven't already, please check out my portfolio.

services i offer:

album cover art

bespoke gifts & handicrafts

birth announcements


business cards

children's toys

clothing design

copy-editing & -writing

couture costumes

drawing & illustration

embroidery & appliqués

family menus and shopping

general design services

gluten-free baking

graphic design



interior (re)design



jewelry design

landscape maintenance

logo & identity work

design for print & web

mending and repair

minor garment alterations

murals & public art


packaging design

posters & flyers

private instruction

technical illustrations

vector graphics

web design

website maintenance

wedding invitations & vows

wedding officiating

writing & editing

One of four murals I completed at Causey's Learning Center at Van Asselt - August 2011